Weight Loss Specialist

Some people struggle with obesity their entire lives. If you are overweight and would like to take back control of your life, Phan Non Surgical Care Center would like to help you get closer to that goal. We are a competent and professional chiropractic practice. Most of our clients are from San Jose, CA, while others are from Santa Clara, Mountain View, Fremont, and Saratoga. Our business is well established and we have a list of loyal customers that come to us for their entire joint and muscle pain requirements. 

Obesity is on the rise and it is affecting children as well as adults. Obesity is caused by having the wrong diet. A diet that is rich and contains fats, sugar and carbohydrates is conducive for obesity. If you enjoy eating take out all the time, you may also be at risk of being overweight soon. In other cases, some people are pre-disposed for obesity and need to be extra careful with their diet. If you don’t eat a balanced diet and you also don’t exercise, you are at risk of gaining weight. People who work office jobs need to make the time to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Phan Non Surgical Care Center has a weight loss specialist who can assist you.

Some people believe in taking weight loss pills to lose weight and others prefer to go the short cut route, which is of course surgery. Both of these options may deliver results, but you must be prepared to accept the side effects as well. When it comes to losing weight at Phan Non Surgical Care Center, our weight loss specialist will use natural ways to help you reach that goal. Our weight loss options in San Jose, CA are non-invasive and drug-free, so call us today.