Spinal Decompression

Do you suffer from constant back pain? Would you like to know what is causing this uncomfortable pain in your body? Then, you need answers from Phan Non Surgical Care Center. We are experienced chiropractors who have been treating people for years. Our main focus is on clients in San Jose area. However, we do serve those coming to us from Saratoga, Mountain View, Fremont, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill and Santa Clara. So, if you need help with a spinal condition, look no further than Phan Non Surgical Care Center. 

Most chronic conditions with your back are related to poor spine health and alignment. In some cases, spinal decompression may be needed. Phan Non Surgical Care Center has been administering this non-invasive treatment for years and has become experts on it. Spinal conditions leading to back ache are extremely common and the number one cause is at posture. If you work in an office environment and your chairs are not ergonomic, probability is that you will suffer from some degree of back pain. This is especially true if you remain seated at your desk for hours on end. You may not actually have much control over this.

Phan Non Surgical Care Center is certified and licensed to carry out chiropractic treatment on clients. We will help to alleviate spinal conditions and pain with the help of traditional chiropractic therapy. We have helped various clients in the past with this very issue and all have experienced simply remarkable results with us. We do also counsel our clients on how to continue a healthier lifestyle. This includes maintaining good posture throughout the day. So, if you reside in San Jose or Saratoga, CA and have issues such as back ache, which requires spinal decompression, call our offices and set up an appointment for treatment. Out treatment is truly non-invasive.