Neck and Back Pain Specialist

If you suffer from neck and back pain, then you are one of thousands of people who share the same burden. This is also an indication that you need a neck and back pain specialist. Phan Non Surgical Care Center is available to assist you with all your muscle and joint pains. We treat clients in the San Jose area, and also service those in Santa Clara, Mountain View, Saratoga, Morgan Hill, Fremont, and surrounding areas. If you need these services, you should call our offices to set your appointment as soon as possible. 

Suffering from aches and pains may be a daily occurrence for many people, but this does not mean that you have to suffer in silence. Professional Chiropractic services are available at Phan Non Surgical Care Center. Our staff is friendly and competent. So, no matter what health conditions you are struggling with, expect friendly and reliable services from us. We go the extra mile to bring you relief from your pain as well as advice on how to avoid nasty aches and pains in future. If you take our counsel and apply it, you will experience a pleasant quality for life.

Contact us if you need a neck and back pain specialist in San Jose or Santa Clara, CA. Our approach to treatment is non-invasive. It is also drug-free. This is the reason why you will experience hardly any side effects after receiving treatment from us. You should resume normal duties after our treatment and will therefore not be inconvenienced in any way. When you receive conventional medical treatment, you must be prepared for some surgery and needles. In this case, your treatment is completely non-invasive. Don’t waste time trying to find pain relief in over the counter medication or going for painful medical procedures, instead opt for our chiropractic services.