ADD and ADHD Help

Do you have a child who suffers from ADD and ADHD? Then you need ADD and ADHD help. Phan Non Surgical Care Center is a chiropractic practice. We specialize in helping people with various health conditions, such as neck, back and joint pain and inflammation. We do not believe in using treatment methods that involve needles, surgery or drugs. So, rest assured that all our therapy and treatment is completely non-invasive. Our practice is in San Jose, but also serves the Milpitas, Fremont, Santa Clara, Mountain View, and Saratoga areas.

If you have a child with ADD and you would prefer to avoid medication or the conventional treatments for ADD, you should speak to us. Chiropractic therapy is based on manipulating and aligning the spine to relieve symptoms of pain. We believe that if the spine is correctly aligned, it will align the skull and this takes the pressure of the brain, allowing it function as normal. However, if the spine is not properly aligned with the skull, it leads to ADD. So, if you have been looking for ADD and ADHD help for a while now, you must contact our offices as soon as you can.

To begin with, we run tests on a child’s hearing, sight and reflexes. This is done by perhaps flashing a bright light in the child’s eye or having them listen to music in one ear at a time. In some cases, parents will be given exercises to do with their child at home. These exercises are designed to help a child with their cognitive functions. So, these exercises coupled with the proper chiropractic services from Phan Non Surgical Care Center should have you seeing an improvement in your child’s cognitive, problem solving and reasoning capabilities.